I don't know should I use this in TOEFL......




5-paragraph essay contains 5 paragraphs.簡直廢話

1. Introduction paragraph:It will start at a hook, then a connection sentance. And it will end with thesis statement.

            Hook: Something can make reader interested.  i.e: a general statement, story, facts or a question.

            Connecting information: connecting hook to thesis.還是廢話. Normally it will answer this questions: "What is it?", "Why is it interesting?", "How is the Hook related to the statement?"(I like this best.), "What is the background information in essay topic?"

            Thesis statement:Don't need to explan.Then main opinion in the essay. 


2.3.4. Body(Supporting) paragraph: It has topic sentance, supporting reasons and details(3 of them will be the best, 1 or 2 will be week), and a concluding/transitional sentances.

            So it will contain 8 sentances in one paragraph.....it's a lot....


5. Conclusion paragraph: Restating thesis in different way.  Sometimes it willsummaize the points in body paragraph. And often end with suggestion, opinion or a prediction.



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