It is hard to make every chinese word correct without symbles of chinese, so I'll use English.

But anyway,I got my leptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two weeks without normal connect to internet can really kill me! 



I will rewrite this paragraph when I have time.


I have to say, it is really impormant to learn how to choose personal laptop. I build my old PC with buying every single part, so I know only a little with price of complete computer. And they are old type, so the price will be different. With poor knowledge of laptop, I brought a wrong laptop from website of Dell. The return process is so terrible, I mean they ship your item fast and corroct, but you need to wait there contaction if you want to return it. This friday I just can't live without laptop, so I took bus to bellevue, there is a Best Buy, and bring the laptop I have been using now back.


The reason I brought wrong laptop is funny. It is "I don't know The same type laptop can be different", I knew which type I want and bought it. When it arrived, I found the processor is not I5 but I3! And my friend reminded me that one don't have own graph card but use processor instead. It is not enough for me so I tried to return it immediately, then I am waiting for Dell now. 









I have promised to write opening process, here is it.  I had never read or write something like this, so this will be short.


I bought this laptop and a bag(wrong size...but it is fine to bring laptop and books in the same time), it is heavy so the seller had used two bags for it.



So this is it, black everywhere.

Still black


and suddenly white! homula


It is time to turn it on............but it is not working.OAO


Then I friend remined me it could be no power(Thanks for Answering my question that is so stupid). Now I need this small box.



And it work~


The price is 899 USD without tax. And the type is levono U530(I guess this may be important to a paragraph of opening process).




All I need to do now is waiting Dell.................

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