Words from word book


break into  - 

Somebody broke into our house and stole a television.


renovate -

We like buying old houses and renovate them.


demolish -

This house is very old. When is it will be demolished?


drop in -

Why don't you drop in for cup of tea? We all miss you very much.


detached -

Detached house is a house with no other house to share wall(?).

semi-detached -

Semi-detached houses means that are two houses build near each one and use the same wall between them(???).

terraced -

Terraced houses is many houses build togather(?),they connect each other,one by one(??).


Words from word list


abacus -

In China, abacus is an old tool to do math.


abandon -

There are some woods were abandoned , but some of them can be good material in other place.


abase -

Don't abase yourself!! You are better than you think.


abashed -

I feel abashed to face to much people.


abate -

This rule is abated right now.

To abate her stressful feeling ,she went to swimming yesterday.



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